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Quality Garden Games and Indoor Games

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Uber Games

Uber Games manufacture a range of Garden Games and Indoor Games. Our games are made from sustainable resources and include croquet sets, giant garden games such as chess, draughts, giant tumble tower and many more. Indoor games include skittles, shuffle puck, quoits and the popular game of Carrom. These are just a few examples of the games we manufacture! Our games are suitable for adults and children alike and will undoubtedly provide years of fun with family and friends

If you would like any more information on any of the products below, please get in touch using the contact details above.

6 Player Pro Croquet Set

The 6 Player Pro Croquet Set comes with hardwood mallets with multi ply handles and 16oz composite balls


Croquet Sets

Croquet Sets

Uber Games offers a choice of Croquet Sets to suit all budgets and requirements. We supply Croquet Sets that are of the highest quality and represent excellent value for money. Our croquet sets are made from sustainable resources. We manufacture the following croquet sets:

Family Croquet Set, Pro Croquet Set, Junior Executive Croquet Set, Garden Croquet Set,
Championship Croquet Set 6 Player Croquet Set, Executive Croquet Set, And the Indoor Carpet Croquet Set

Our current bestseller is the 6 Player Croquet Set. Please click here to compare the croquet sets listed below

If you would like any more information or have any questions about croquet sets, please get in touch with us.

Giant Garden Games

Giant Garden Games

Uber Games offers a selection of Giant Garden Games. These products allow you to enjoy all those fun traditional games in a giant way outdoors.

Giant Garden Games make a great addition to any garden party!

Like all our games our giant outdoor games are of a high quality while also representing excellent value for money.

Please view our Giant Garden Games range below. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Giant Chess

Giant Chess

Uber Games offers a choice of Giant Chess Sets and Giant Draughts Sets to suit different budgets. We aim to supply Giant Chess Sets that are of high quality while also representing excellent value for money.

When comparing Giant Chess Sets look at the detail of the pieces which is we believe reflective of the overall quality of the set. With Big Plastic Chess Sets this is often most visible on the Queens and Knights.

All our Outdoor Chess Sets can be supplied with the playing surface of your choice; we offer Plastic Chess Boards or Nylon Chess Mats.

Bowling & Throwing Games

Bowling & Throwing Games

Our Bowling Games and Throwing Games are great fun for the whole family, this range of games that can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Skittles is a bowling game suitable for all ages. Our Wooden Skittles Set has a great natural finish, and the balls are just the right weight to make the game challenging but enjoyable. It can be played indoors on a carpet, but is also suitable as a Garden Skittles Set.

Quoits is throwing game that is suitable to be played inside or out. Traditionally a lawn game, quoits will test your skill and judgement. Quoits involves throwing weighted rings onto a wooden peg. Seems simple? Itís not as easy as it sounds!

Please click on one of the products below for more information on our

Sport Sets

Sport Sets

Uber Games Sports Sets come with everything you need to enjoy some sporting action with family and friends.

Our Sports Sets are all fantastic quality while also representing great value for money.

Please click on the products below for more information on each of our Sports Sets.

Indoor Games

Indoor Games

Whether youíre having guests around or just looking for something to do in the house, we can offer you quality indoor games that everyone will enjoy.

Indoor game are ideal for a rainy day or during the winter months!

We have a fantastic range of Indoor Games, there is definitely something to suit everybody.

Please click on one of the products below for more information on each of our indoor games.

Carrom Boards

Carrom Boards

Originating in India hundreds of years ago, Carrom today is amongst the world's most popular indoor games. A fast paced tactical game of skill and technique, effectively the Indian game of pool, where coins replace the balls and you flick the striker with your fingers instead of using a cue.

We offer three grades of Carrom Boards - A Standard Carrom Board, a Tournament Standard Carrom Board and a Championship Carrom Board.

All our Carrom Boards are supplied with wooden Carrom Men, a Striker, Carrom Powder and the rules of Carrom. The Tournament Carrom Board and Championship Carrom Board apart from being of higher specification are also supplied in a Carrom bag which has separate compartments for the Carrom Board, the Carrom men and also for a Carrom Stand.