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Giant Chess Sets

Uber Games offers a choice of Giant Chess Sets and Giant Draughts Sets to suit different budgets. We aim to supply Giant Chess Sets that are of high quality while also representing excellent value for money.

If you would like any more information or have any questions about our chess sets, please get in touch with us.

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Giant Chess Pieces - Plastic

These are the largest plastic chess pieces we offer, the King stands at 60cm tall. These pieces are made from durable PVC that is UV treated and waterproof. These Giant Chess Pieces are available with a chess board or matt, and storage bags as optional extras.

Price: £345.00

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Large Chess Pieces - Plastic - 20cm

These are the smallest plastic chess pieces we offer, the King stands at 20cm tall.

Price: £50.00

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detailed_images/UG360 - Garden Chess Pieces 1200-.jpg

Garden Chess Pieces - Plastic - 30cm

These are the second smallest plastic chess pieces we offer, the King stands at 30cm.

Price: £100.00

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detailed_images/UG350 - Giant Chess Pieces 1200.jpg

Giant Chess Pieces - Plastic - 60cm

This is our classic and original Giant Chess Set, the King stands at 60cm tall.

Price: £380.00

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detailed_images/Mega Chess Pieces - 90cm Plastic - 1200.jpg

Mega Chess Pieces - Plastic - 90cm

The second largest plastic chess pieces we offer, the King stands at 90cm tall.

Price: £640.00

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Uber Chess Pieces - Plastic - 120cm

Uber Chess is our largest plastic chess set available, the King stands at 120cm tall.

Price: £900.00

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detailed_images/UG352 - Giant Draughts Pieces 1200-.jpg

Giant Draughts Pieces - Plastic - 25cm

The largest plastic draughts pieces we offer, the diameter of the pieces is 25cm.

Price: £160.00

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detailed_images/UG362 - Garden Draughts 1200-.jpg

Garden Draughts Pieces - Plastic - 10cm

Our smaller plastic draughts pieces set, the diameter of these pieces is 10cm.

Price: £45.00

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Giant Chess Boards and Parts

We sell all of our Plastic Chess Boards, as well as Plastic Individual Chess Pieces in this category.

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About the Chess Sets

The Teak chess sets we provide are of the highest quality - teak is one of the most durable woods, and provides an excellent finish. Teak is a strong wood and the sets are 100% sustainable. The wood comes from plantations licensed by the government and are planted for harvest.

Our plastic chess sets are lightweight and excellent quality. The chess sets are suitable for indoors and outdoors and come in a variety of sizes. The fact that these chess sets are plastic is reflected in their price.

Chess Set Sizes - our chess sets come in a variety of sizes. In the Giant Chess set range we currently offer the Large Chess Set, the Garden Chess Set, the Giant Chess Set and the largest - the Uber Chess Set.

The chess sets are the following sizes. The Large Chess Set has a King that stands 20cm tall. The Garden Chess set has a King that stands 30cm tall. The Giant Chess Set has a King that stands 60cm tall, and the King in the Uber Chess Set is 120cm tall

Uber Games offers a range of chess mats and chess boards for the different sized Chess Sets. Teak boards come with 64 tiles, whilst we also stock plastic boards and mats which are only suitable for the plastic chess pieces. The largest Teach board has 64 tiles, each of which is 60cm by 60cm. All in all the largest teak chess board measures 4.8m by 4.8m!

When comparing Giant Chess Sets look at the detail of the pieces which is we believe reflective of the overall quality of the set. With Big Plastic Chess Sets this is often most visible on the Queens and Knights.

All our Outdoor Chess Sets can be supplied with the playing surface of your choice; we offer Plastic Chess Boards or Nylon Chess Mats.

We also provide the option of buying storage bags for our Large Chess Sets if required.

Please note that The Giant Chess Set is a particularly large item, as such it will be delivered to you in two seperate boxes and will require 4 Chess Bags.

If you have any questions regarding our Outdoor Plastic Chess Sets, or if you'd like to know which of the Garden Chess Sets would be right for you please contact us.